Teaching Plan

Surrey Swim School lessonSurrey Swim School is based on the Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme. It is a national syllabus for delivering aquatics and provides Stages for your children to progress and become competent, confident and safe in the water. The framework is divided into seven Stages and once the swimmer has gained the core range of skills required for the seven Stages he/she is ready to progress to Stages 8 to 10 in a variety of aquatic disciplines:- competitive swimming, rookie lifesaving, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming. Various other badges will be incorporated to enhance the programme such as distance awards.

Assessments are completed on each swimmer towards the end of term and a Progress Report is then prepared so that the swimmer and parent can see progress made. The Progress Report will have each skill attempted so that a clear picture is given on progress and goals for the following term.

Parent and Child Starfish and STAnley n/a Six months to 3 years. Swimmer to be accompanied by an adult
Tadpoles STAnley 1 to 7 n/a Three to four years old.
Minnows Stage 1 n/a Has little or no water confidence
Seahorses Stage 2 Water Skills 1 5 m Is water confident and can achieve 5m without buoyancy aids
Frogs Stage 3 Water Skills 2 10m Front and Back Is a swimmer able to swim 5m on front and back without buoyancy aids or Stage 2
Seals Stage 4 Water Skills 3 25m Front and Back Is a swimmer able to swim 10 Front and Back or Stage 3
Dolphins Stage 5 Water Skills 4 50m Front and Back, 10m Front Crawl, 10m Backstroke, 10m Breaststroke, 10m Butterfly Is a swimmer able to swim 25m Front and Back or Stage 46
Otters Stage 6 Water Skills 5 100m – recognisable strokes Is a confident swimmer able to swim 50m front and back and 10m on all strokes. or Stage 5
Marlins Stage 7 Bronze Challenge 200m/400m Is a confident swimmer able to swim 100m on a recognisable stroke and 25m on all strokes or Stage 6.
Penguins Stage 8 Water Skills 6 Silver Challenge 800m Is a strong swimmer able to swim 50m on all 4 strokes and 200m using three strokes or Stage 7.
King Penguins Stage 9 Gold Challenge 1,000m/1 mile Is a strong swimmer able to swim 200m on three strokes and able to turn on all strokes
Emperor Penguins Stage 10 School Speed Swims 2,000m/3,000m Is a strong swimmer as above with turns and starts on all strokes.
Rookie Lifeguard Bronze Silver Gold n/a Swimmers who can swim 100m on a recognisable stroke and 25m on three strokes or Stage 6
Junior Fitness Winter - Fitness and Diving Spring - Fitness and Syncro Summer - Fitness/Water Polo n/a n/a
Swim Fitness n/a n/a Able to swim 100m front and back